It’s a Sign, Stupid

Despite being a writer by trade, I never really had any aspiration to pen a book.  Then, a wise woman enlightened me to the fact that it was in the stars.  Between September & December of 2013, “It’s a Sign, Stupid!” was conceptualized, written and published.  The book is an honest look at my life, my beliefs, my struggles and the sense I made from it all spiritually. 

Little did I know, I’d been writing this book my whole life.  There were several surprises with the writing of this book too.   It is just as much an eye-opener, savior of sorts and wake up call for me as it was to others who have shared the insight they received.  In my opinion, the book served its purpose.  It saved a life.  And out of that, I learned that my writing is one  of my life’s biggest blessings.

Some people have questioned whether I looked for signs to make a book.  I defer back to my never having any interest in writing a book in the first place.  And no, I don’t look for signs.   Currently available through Amazon Kindle or on paperback  CreateSpace.  Want to learn more about each chapter covers?  Check out this list for the complete overview.  “It’s a Sign, Stupid!” (Book Chapters)

It's a Sign Stupid: Book cover showing hands holding a street sign bearing book titleA must read for anyone on a spiritual journey. Former TV news reporter, Mike Doria, investigates and uncovers all the “signs” given to him as child and in adulthood that helped him recognize his own journey. This unique and fascinating look at various signs, symbols and life events is written from an autobiographical viewpoint but also gives readers concepts, ideas, tools and insight to help them on their own spiritual journey or recognize the beginning of this important, life-changing circumstance. “It’s a Sign, Stupid!” is written for everyone, but is especially eye-opening for those who want to understand their purpose in life and how to fulfill their destiny. Often told he sees things differently, Mike Doria extracts the meaning from situations and life events that go above and beyond any modern day diagnosis. The title of the book says it all. You can look at something as just a sign or as a “sign.” As a seeker of Truth by nature, Doria decodes his journey with the hope to begin teaching others who want to learn more about themselves, the Universe and the magic in between.
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The Light Year

The Light Year | Mike Doria

What if the widely sought after Holy Grail weren’t an object, rather a code within oneself to be cracked? What if through the deciphering of this code, one learns his or her true purpose in life, why he or she followed a particular path and begins to understand the meaning of enlightenment, happiness and mankind?In his second book titled “The Light Year,” Author Michael Doria retraces the year 2014 to further investigate his calling with the hope of helping others understand their reason for being. Using real time short stories, celebrity interviews, his investigative mind and the guidance he’s received from God; Doria presents yet another fascinating blueprint for anyone searching for Truth.

If you’ve ever wondered why you find yourself in what seems like a repeat situation or why you may feel that you’re “cursed” in some way — The Light Year removes that mystery by presenting those perceived challenges as the secret doorways to balance and a happier life.

The short stories, wit and humor that Doria uses in “The Light Year” prove that we all have the ability to decode our lives to find particular meaning that allows growth, perseverance and true happiness. Whether it be through our career choices, friends or inner spirit, Doria shows how God incessantly speaks to us to find our light and life meaning.

At the end of book, Doria sums up his “Light Year” with an eye-opening revelation. Available on Amazon Kindle and on paperback through CreateSpace.

October 12th, 2014  –  The Cerrone Show | Episode 102
Becoming an author and learning that both of my books have saved a life has led me to pursue a career in the medical field as a Therapist; or possibly a Counselor.  With your help, I can get the PhD that is needed.