Saving Face

Saving Face | Headphones and Speakers Blog

Saving Face | Headphones and Speakers Blog

By: Mike Doria

Saving Face | Headphones and Speakers Blog We all face this from time to time — the person with whom we may not agree with or see eye to eye on everything he or she is doing.  The person whose choices and path don’t seem to equate with steps in the direction — in our opinion.  And the person whose journey has so many twists and turns it makes Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance look like classic broadway.

I always go back to “What if that were me? How would I want to be treated?” Too often we are so quick to shove someone out of our lives because we either can’t or don’t want to understand him or her.  We decided who we can and can’t be friends with based on checklists we create.  Should a few of those “checkmarks” be missing — we excuse ourselves from the friendship.

In a chat with my friend Lucy one night at karaoke, we were discussing God.  Sorry to get all religious on your ass in this blog post but it helps drive home my point.  She mentioned that we all have a roadmap to get to heaven or to find God but everyones’ map looks different.  And in chatting about experiences and people in general, she mentioned that it’s almost like a puzzle.  We don’t always know the end result or the what it will all look like in the end.  I agreed — adding that it’s important keep and open mind and cheer people on.  We should support and care for them — even at their lowest moments. We don’t have to agree with everything he or she does — but it doesn’t mean the person is then deserved of our cold shoulder if we don’t agree with his or her choices.  After all — we are all human and will no doubt stumble, fall and eat a steaming pile of shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner from time to time.

As I sat in church this morning (yes, I’m now fully admitting to getting religious on your ass..but just for a second) a womanFace2 sat on stage painting.  With black and white paint she made very deliberate and precise strokes with the brush across six cardboard boxes set up as the canvas. It was hard to envision what she was painting exactly — but it was clear that she had a vision.  At the end, she got a got a round of applause.  Why?  Because instead of painting like a quote unquote normal painter would do — she did so unconventionally.  When she added the last stroke of white paint, she then removed three of the boxes and repositioned them in the “canvas.”  It taught me to remember to support the friends we may not be on the best terms with in the hopes that he or she will be saving face.  Because when you look at the picture a little differently — you realize that person could end up being one pretty amazing man or woman with the right following and support behind him or her.

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