The Light Year Synopsis

The Light Year


The Light Year SynopsisMany of you have asked what my upcoming book “The Light Year” is all about.  And, until now, I really couldn’t figure out the best way to describe it.  Seems odd, huh?  How is it that an author — someone who writes — can’t sum up his own book?  Before I give you the synopsis, let me briefly explain the process in which I’m writing this book.  Unlike my first book “It’s a Sign, Stupid!,” the chapters of “The Light Year” were decided before the book was written.  In doing so, I was able to frame out and blueprint everything I was going to include.  Unlike “It’s a Sign, Stupid!,” this book seems to be more of challenge.   I believe it’s God’s way of telling me to think more precisely — and on a greater level — about what I’ve come to believe and how I wanted to share it with the world.

A Light Year by definition is the amount, in distance, that light can travel in a year.  And, by definition — it’s astronomical.  “The Light Year” is a real time look at what life has presented over the course of 2014 and the unique situations that played out that allowed me to write this book.  It’s the personal light I asked for and found on my continue journey.  So, without any further rambling from me — I present to you the synopsis of my new baby.. “The Light Year.”


What if the widely sought after Holy Grail weren’t an object, rather a code within oneself to be cracked? What if through the deciphering of this code, one learns his or her true purpose in life, why he or she followed a particular path and begins to understand the meaning of enlightenment, happiness and mankind?

In his second book titled “The Light Year,” Author Michael Doria retraces the year 2014 to further investigate his calling with the hope of helping others understand their reason for being. Using real time short stories, celebrity interviews, his investigative mind and the guidance he’s received from God; Doria presents yet another fascinating blueprint for anyone on a spiritual journey.

If you’ve ever wondered why you find yourself in what seems like a repeat situation or why you may feel that you’re “cursed” in some way — “The Light Year” removes that mystery by presenting those perceived challenges as the secret doorways to balance and a happier life.

The short stories, wit and humor that Doria uses in “The Light Year” prove that we all have the ability to decode our lives to find particular meaning that allows growth, perseverance and the true pursuit of happiness. Whether it be through our career choices, friends or inner spirit, Doria shows how God incessantly speaks to us to find our light and life meaning.

At the end of book, Doria sums up his “Light Year” with an eye-opening revelation that will encourage and inspire readers to investigate for themselves whether they are just ordinary or anything but!

I can’t wait to share this collection of stories with you in just over a month.  Stay tuned as I will be revealing the chapter titles, book cover and book trailer over the next few weeks.  Be good, be safe, be giving and God Bless!