Doug Elfman InterviewOk, secretly I always wanted to be a columnist.  Now; I’m not so sure. Just kidding.  Las Vegas Review Journal Columnist Doug Elfman graces the places only reserved for those with some sort of VIP status. In english, that means he gets to interview celebrities, porn stars, producers and DJ’s.  And Elfman does is quite well and quite unlike any other Journalist I’ve met.  In this “Mike Check” interview I find out what makes him tick, what his day is like and what person’s nose he’d be vying for if he were a kleenex.  He picked two other WTF? questions that surpass odd in nature.  This interview, in part, is my thank you for a column Elfman wrote not too long ago regarding yours truly.  And now, I truly get even.  Enjoy this interview with the amazing Doug Elfman who’s column can be found every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the Las Vegas Review Journal. 

And, if you want to see the wonderful interview I had in Doug’s column regarding the five celebrities who surprised me, click and find out!