Dirt Bike

Just putting on the protective gear alone was a new found exhaustion!  I’d never ridden a dirt bike.  So when my friend Steve mentioned he’d be going last Sunday, I opted in.  I was excited.  At 40, I’m trying to be a bit more adventurous and man-up.  I have no idea why — perhaps it’s phase


The Gift of What? What Does That Even Mean??

Have you ever received a gift that, upon opening — forced your face to flash a perplexed look with your brain thinking “what am I supposed to do with this?”  Well, I was also blessed (or cursed) with the gift of gab.  And since I can’t seem to shut-up; it either ends up getting me into


Which Filters Are You Using On A Daily Basis?

No, I’m not talking about the filters embedded in Instagram or the ones that make you look like a paranoid bumblebee in Snapchat (though they are clever).  I’m talking about the ones that we often forget to use in life. By definition, a filter is a device used to remove impurities or something that is


How Would You Talk To Your Younger Self?

As I was driving to church this morning, I started thinking.  And this time it turned out to be beneficial… I think.  Anyway, I thought back to my time as a child — specifically when I was about nine or 10 years old.  I cracked a smile.  My mouth always got me into trouble when


What I Learned in 2015

Mike Doria Looking Up Toward Sky

The inspiration for this post came as I accidentally snapped this photo of myself.  I was on one of my routine exercise walks around the outside of my office and fooling around on Snapchat.   In 2015 I learned that I can no longer eat what I want without any weight gain consequences.  Guess I’m


Free Book Preview Chapter

Free Preview Chapter | The Light Year

  On Christmas Day, I released my second book titled “The Light Year.”  Now,  I want to give you a glimpse inside the book so you get an idea of what it’s all about.  With some guidance from a high school friend who read the book already — I’ve decided to release Chapter 8: Editor-in-Chief


The Light Year Synopsis

The Light Year

“THE LIGHT YEAR” SYNOPSIS Many of you have asked what my upcoming book “The Light Year” is all about.  And, until now, I really couldn’t figure out the best way to describe it.  Seems odd, huh?  How is it that an author — someone who writes — can’t sum up his own book?  Before I