mike-about-section-photo-1Just when I thought I knew everything, everything decided to write an addendum!  I think Mike Doria is Latin for “nice try.”  It’s ok — I love learning.  In 2016, I got an offer to return to Fox 5 Las Vegas to reprise my role as morning Reporter.   After some intense soul searching — I jumped back in front of the camera to grow even more fearless about looking like a fool in the feature story world. However, this time around it earned me the title of “Best Reporter” in the Best of Las Vegas Awards.  Did I forget to mention I go into work at 2 am during the week?

In 2006, I bought a one way ticket to Las Vegas.  I moved from my hometown of Rochester, NY where I was working as the evening Reporter at WHAM-TV.  Prior to that I held reporting jobs in both Albany and Binghamton, NY.  I graduated from Brockport State College in 1998 with a degree in Fraternity. Wait — I mean Communications.  Would you believe I only recently realized I graduated on the Dean’s List?  In 2008, I created Mike Doria Ink. — a small copywriting and social/web content creation business that helps other businesses.  Between 2006 to 2015 I also had another side job as a Celebrity Interviewer for Us Weekly  and Life & Style Magazines.  I’ve met every celebrity except the one I want to meet!  And if Alanis Morissette is reading this, can we do lunch?

In between my side jobs, I also managed to work a couple of full-time gigs in the Public Relations and Marketing worlds.  There’s something about communicating with people I just can’t seem to shake. I spent a year in radio as a Digital Content Manager and hosted a segment called ‘The Blog Report’ on KXNT 840 AM.  When I turned 40 in 2016, I successfully started my mid-life crisis.  I’m still working toward completing it.

In my spare time…(I can’t even say that with a straight face).  With my overnight work schedule, small business, church obligations, dinner club and the gym — I have enough spare time to sleep.  It’s a hectic life but it’s filled with the right things.  (Not in this particular order) I enjoy karaoke, books, searching what’s trending on Facebook, finding resource websites (check out Writer’s Free Reference), playing Clash of Clans, fantasizing about an organized life, ice cream and listening to your problems (kidding).

I feel like if we all just ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’ the world would be really cool.  Oh well.  Take a hike!